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    Today my 800w won't connect to my Vista laptop in Windows Mobile Device Manager.
    Also see this event in the logs every time I connect the cable.
    Event ID: 6
    Windows Mobile-based USB device is plugged in but is unable to make a network connection to the desktop.

    Everything was working fine yesterday. I was able to sync all day long.
    I've been using the device since the 1st day it came out. No problems up till now.
    Almost no problems. I always get an error on my 1st sync attempt after connecting subsequent syncs work fine. Error is about a file in use (I think)

    This is the machine I've been syncing to all along.

    Recent changes
    None on the laptop.
    I did install the USB / Charger update on Monday so I could charge the free (but dead) extra battery from Sprint.
    Worked fine and I was able to sync after that install.

    What I've tried so far
    - Repair the Network connection in Network Connections on the laptop.
    - Disabling Advanced network functionality in USB to PC on the 800w. (that stopped everything, no connection, no events in the laptop logs).

    Thanks in advance.
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    Did a hard-reset and can connect now.

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