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    Hey all,

    Just got the 800 yesterday, starting to get into it and setting it up.

    First big thing I seem to notice is the touch screen has less sensitivity than the 755, specifically on the right side, which is a hassle when scrolling a website. Does anyone else experience this? This may be partially due to the stylus being cheap....?

    Also, what have people been finding the best option for cases? Obviously I don't want to restrict functionality but I also do not want to ruin my phone if I accidentally drop it. Thoughts?

    I am working on sifting through all the info here now, thanks guys.
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    I think the touch screen issue has to do with the plastic stylus. Try a more rigid one.

    There are various options for cases. It depends on the style you like. Belt clip? Rubber armor? Clear skin?

    My personal choice was a clear skin and I'm happy with it (Bodyguardz), but this is mostly a personal choice type of decision.

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    go to
    the innocase is a tough case that protects and dosent hurt the fun****ionality of the phone either.
    they also offer a metal stylus which makes it a million times easier to press the screen.
    i feel your pain as a 755 addict, that was a touch active screen, the 800 is more od a pressure sensitive screen. but one you get the metal stylus you will never have that problem again.

    p.s. the innocasse rules!! do a search and find some reviews, very thin and very protective
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    Quote Originally Posted by eve6er69 View Post
    go to
    the innocase is a tough case that protects and dosent hurt the fun****ionality of the phone either.
    LOL @ functionality...(sorry, can't help laughing!)...did you really mis-spell it that way or will it censor mine too...reminds me of the NewsRadio episode in which Matthew covered a Joey Buttafucco story and mispronounced his name (I know I probably mangled the spelling).

    I use a slipcase because for awhile I was having to pop the battery once in awhile to get the phone to wake up. That hasn't happened in some time, so I'm leaning toward one of the skin-type cases. OTOH, I will probably get an extended battery when it arrives, so I'll wait and see if a case comes out that accommodates the extra depth.

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