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    I did a dumb thing and got rid of my Treo 755 and tried the Instinct...bad decision. Instinct is going back.

    So now I have the Treo 800 coming tomorrow.

    Here's my question...

    I have Vista on my computer. It didn't come with Outlook. Do I need to buy Outlook for $100, or can I sync the Treo 800 with the standard stuff on Vista...Windows Address Book, Windows Calendar, etc. Do I really need to buy the Outlook program?

    My Vista computer does have Windows Mobile already loaded.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can use the trial of Outlook (60 days I think) to sync initially. I am not sure how long it allows you to do that as I am still in my trial of Outlook. I have no desire to buy it either and just used it to get my info from the 700wx to the 800w....
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    It needs Outlook. If you have kids at home/school, get the student/home version of Office and you'll be set. It's a bit under $100. At one point it was available for $60 to college students with a valid .edu address.


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