First you need to get the latest release, which is at It corrects issues I was issuing with at the first issuing party. I did not glance at the doc file on the web site (probably should have).

Setup - easy. I experienced a problem with at first, but eventually I worked through it. The big thing: no security, just passwords (sort of like a speech). The others, GMail, Fastmail & Yahoo! (all IMAP were easy to set up). Really, read the docs.

Operation: like all WM applications, it is slow compared to the POS cousins. Coming from POS with ChatterEMail on a 600, 650, 700p, Centro, I was accustomed to great performance. Performance is there and is good for a WM application, just need a high dosage of patience when comparing it to POS. Large attachments take time to download, so what I have set it for is to show the name, but not to download the file. You can download the email, part of it, et cetera, same with the attachment. Once the attachment is downloaded, tap it and if there is an associated application, it opens - pretty fast for a WM application/device.

Battery life: not really that bad. I normally keep and GMail going and haphazard use of the other 2. Email is running from around 7A to about 9P. With the extended 2600ma battery, life is great.

Response time is good. When an email hits the server, it often times hits the device before the laptop and the same with GMail. Mail going out is immediate with and not immediate with GMail (probably due to the security settings GMail requires). Out time though with GMail is normally about 10 seconds or so.

There are bunches of settings allowing you variations of syncing with the server for deleting and things so fun as that.

If you are a Style Tap user, be prepared for screen refresh problems. There are no screen refresh problems if Style Tap is not running. Style Tap also affects all of the other applications running on the device.

I did the Pocket Outlook for a few days and hated every day I had to use it. Frankly, I believe it is the worst application I have seen in 8 years. Trash.

The PUSH/IDLE feature has had an occasional problem, but I doubt it is with the device, as I have also experienced the same problem at the same time with my laptop. I have noticed also that if a large email is being received that the device slows down or appears to come to a screaming stop, but after the email is received, performance returns to normal.