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    One thing I'm looking/hoping for with the Pro is a way to charge a battery outside of the cradle. With varying usage, it's hard to predict where I'll be when the battery runs out, so my approach has been to have 2 batteries and charge the one outside the Treo in the cradle compartment.

    I saw an accessories page on (that seems to have since been pulled) that did show a sync cradle. However, given Palm's recent history (cradles for the Centro and the 800w), they don't seem to be putting a battery compartment in cradles anymore. On the upside, they do offer the portable charger for that battery; I'm hoping they bring one out for the Pro, though it hasn't appeared yet. It doesn't matter (to me) whether it's a cradle or separate charger,

    The standard options (car/wall charger) don't help much on the bus, subway, or walking down the street. And I'd like to find something lighter and less bulky than a USB cable and a battery plugged into that.
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