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    how do i export my contacts into my new phone???
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    I used Chapura's PocketMirror to get my Palm OS contacts into Outlook and then synched them up to the 800w. It also did my calendar and tasks. I just used the free trial version since I only needed to do it once.

    Here is a page on the palm site with more info.
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    If you don't t sync to Outlook on your desktop o to an Exchange server, your other option would be to send them via blutooth to the 800w, although I think you can only send one at a time.

    If sending through bluetooth isn't a viable option for you, I'd recommend setting up a free mail2web exchange account. Set your 755p to sync with the mail2web account. It was store all the contacts, calendar events, etc. on the exchange server. Then, synchronize your 800w with your mail2web account and it should retrieve all the contacts, calendar, email, etc that you synchronized from the 755p.

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