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    For Re-Assigning the Left SoftKey:

    Quote Originally Posted by Malachi View Post
    Hannip, on the 800w the left softkey was assigned to the SMS. I know that we have no softkey on the STP, but, on the STP, instead of SMS, it has Contacts there. Is there a reg edit to replace this with SMS?

    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    Sure, just use a reg editor and go to key:

    Change the name from "Contacts" to "SMS"
    Change the Open value to "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Palm Messaging.lnk"

    Then soft reset for it to take effect.
    Another possible option for both the Left and the Right:
    SoftKey manager freeware for Windows Mobile Pocket PC.
    (Also attached below)

    • Summary: A freeware SoftKey Editor for Windows Mobile, allowing you to change the defaults of your Today screen softkeys.

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    By the way, for the Pro, the open value needs to be "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Messaging.lnk"
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