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    Like, browsing Workgroup SMB network shares? I can never get Bluetooth file transfers to work properly, and I imagine they're pretty slow anyway. I hate having to pop the microSD card out every single time I want to copy a CAB over to it.

    Can you send files to the 800w over wi-fi?
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    The simplest way to copy TO the 800w is running a ftp server on it, like the free mochaftp.

    You cant see your 800w from your desktop otherwise, but you can see your desktop from your 800w. You can use software like resco file explorer to map network drives to local storage on your 800w, or you could use the simple trick of typing in

    file://<network name of pc>

    into pocket IE to see the shared volumes on your pc.

    But probably the simplest may be bluetooth after all. I assume the 800w has bluetooth 2.0, which is much faster then 1.1, and the new MS bluetooth stack is pretty good, with support for bluetooth ftp for example.I have found this to work reasonably well.

    This software lets you place the bluetooth obex inbox anywhere you want (e.g. storage card) which makes bluetooth obex even more convenient.

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    Wow, that was a ridiculously helpful response.

    Thank you!
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    Yes, you can send files over Wi-Fi. You just need to create a share on your PC. I don't know how to do it in File Explorer, since I never even really use it. I use Resco Explorer and it allows you to map to a shared drive on a network.
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    and if neither of those are available, there is always as an email file attachment.
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    When I hook up my USB from my phone to my PC, There is a "Mobile Device" drive in My Computer. I just transfer files drop and click style.

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