Battery drain during the first few days was terrible... it had me worried. But starting on day 7 or so, battery performance has been pretty good. I recall a mention that after a few charges/discharges, the battery gets conditioned and improves its duration. Is this what I am experiencing?

It could also be that I'm more aware of closing apps in the Task Manager vs. keeping them minimized. I wish the top bar included two boxes instead of one... minimize and exit instead of just one box which does one or the other depending on the app, but mostly minimize.

I'm not saying the battery is great now (it should have a larger capacity), but it's not as bad as when out of the box. As it is out of the box I would consider unacceptable and would have made me return the phone.

Will still pay a lot of attention to this over the next 2 weeks before my 30 days are up.