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    I searched online and here but couldn't fine anything - seems like people actually like it as skins are even available, but with a real keyboard is there way to remove it/disable it completely?

    This is the keyboard icon appearing on the bottom center of the screen - right above the "Treo" on the phone.

    In certain programs going full screen, it actually stays on top..and sometimes I inadvertently press it.
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    Yeah, it can be a real pain. The default setting should be off instead of on. I wonder if there is a registry tweak for it?

    I don't mind the icon but there are times when I switch to an app and the damned thing automatically pops up.
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    If someone can find a hack to fix this I think I'll jump for joy.
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    Search all the forum for "nullkb" (null keyboard) for a blank skin. Also for "sipchange" to keep the "nullkb" as a default after a soft reset.
    Or at least search on 700wx & 750 forums. It should be there.
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    Thanks pdaneophyte. The workaround more keyboard popping up (though the icon still appears).

    I also found this registry change which hides the icon on the start screen only.
    Note, at first it made things some program open as if the keyboard was showing at the bottom, so apps were opening until the middle of the screen. Weird so I reset the device. It continued so I put the value back to 1 as this wasn't ok, however, the keyboard remained hidden reverting back and resetting and no problems!

    Change AllowChange to 0
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    Yes, that was the sleuth255's sipchange cab is for. It keeps the nullkb (or any other keyboard skin for that matter) to be used in ALL program. Also it keeps the reg change intact after a soft reset.
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    There are no side effects of using this right?
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    A quick update. Just installed nullkeyboard and the sipchange. It seems to be working very well! thanks!

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