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    Wow, I think that about sums it and now all these GPS threads can die. Palm's admitance to refund the device for full price means the 800 cannot and will not do standalone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grant516 View Post
    Palm has contacted me regarding my BBB complaint- agreeing that the network requires a handshake to pull system time- and this is not what I expected standalone GPS to be.

    Whether the satelite or the Sprint tower is producing the signal- he was not sure. However this information was only relayed to him by a level 3 tech.

    In any event- Palm is purchasing back my phone for my purchase price, and I am already the user of a Beautiful HTC Touch Pro with a nice full keyboard set.
    Great work. We all knew that Palm was full of it and that the 800w was fatally flawed. This confirms it.
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    is there a specific phone number people are calling to get refunds or should I just file a complaint with the BBB, state AG, and FTC?
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    As I stated a little while back- which of course might have been in one of these many threads- The BBB of San Jose California is that one in which Palm is based out of- despite the fact this is a complaint about a 'cell phone' make sure you do not mark that this is a complaint about a cell phone- as they are not a standard cell manufacturer or provider.

    Consider it a PDA for this purpose.

    They are not necessarily admitting any fault with this- however as I stated a while back, as I was dissatisied with the product- this is the route I chose to take.
    I am very offended that some people on here believe I should go out and buy a bluetooth GPS (which adds to the **** poor battery life problem) or that not having GPS function outside the US means I'm not a prime candidate for this phone.

    The company advertised something they didn't pull through with.
    The HTC Touch Pro in nearly all ways is a superior device.
    True, it will have it's own set of issues and all my HTC phones have been schlock in some regards or another-

    However it came with a headset adapter, something to date Palm has been unsuccessful in producing- and my GPS works better and google maps looks fantastic in VGA.
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