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    I have a Rogers Treo 750 which I'm havng issues trying to get it updated to the latest rev from 2.21 to 2.27. Everytime I attempt to install the ROM update, it gives me the update failed message and it instructs me to reset and recoonect and re-run the updater. During the update process, the Treo screen goes into this multicolor bar, which is normal, but upon reset it puts my 750 back into factory defaults. Anyone seen this issue before?

    I'm using active sync 4.5, SP2 on XP pro. Tried diff usb ports as well. Only thing I have not tried was a different computer.

    Thank goodness for sprite backup!


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    LOL! My bad... after re-reading the Do's and Dont's, I missed the critical part in the Don'ts section and that was removing the mini SD card!

    After removing the mini SD card, it worked without a hitch!!!

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