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    Due to a nosey girlfriend, I like to lock my phone when around her. I normally do this by going to start, settings, lock and then putting it on 0 Minutes. Although it's not that tedious of a process, I'm curious as to whether there is any type of macro or registry manipulation that could make this a toggle on/off thing with a simple button press?
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    My guess is that you could find a 3rd party locking app and map it to a button. Problem might be finding a reliable one (I've busted through many of them with key combinations) that supports 320x320.

    OTOH, do you think that locking your phone is going the right direction to appease a jealous/nosy girlfriend...might sort of backfire on you.
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    I also have been looking for a solution similiar to this. I'd like the off/end button to close all running apps then turn off. A few times I've had the maps program running in the background and it sucked my battery dry and disabled my phone when I try using it after a short while. There are a billion apps that close on x instead of minimize but that is still a two step process when I forget or need to shutdown asap. Any Mortscript experts think its possible?
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    SeanC1906: I tried AE Button Plus and it can assign any hardware button to lock the device. Not exactly a toggle.

    As for my own issue, AEBPlus is pretty handy. I have installed a freeware app to "close all" programs and another freebie to "power off" the phone. I configured AEBPlus, when side button pressed, to run application "CloseAll" with the optional parameters -r "Storage Card\PowerOffArm.exe" Now when I press that previously unused side button, all programs get shutdown along with the phone in one move.

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