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    No matter what OS you favor out of palm, this "review" was a joke. Kudos to Chris (in the comments) for saying exactly what i was thinking. The reviewer came off to me as a kid who had no business reviewing anything.

    Still, it's yet another site promoting this WM sucks, palm sucks, go buy an iphone attitude.

    ps..messed up that title
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    To me, of course, its especially irritating that every review of a WM device, even a spectacular ones, starts with "If you can stomach windows mobile..."

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    I agree , if I hate Ford I wouldnt be a reliable reviewer for Ford cars. WHile I agree Windows Mobile isnt great its hard to review a device that has WM when you are biased against it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm View Post
    I agree, if I hate Ford I wouldnt be a reliable reviewer for Ford cars. WHile I agree Windows Mobile isnt great its hard to review a device that has WM when you are biased against it.
    I'm afraid no reviewer is completely impartial.

    In Dieter's Pro review he says, "Underneath the screen is our favorite logo...", are you going to ignore his review too on grounds of bias?
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    True Biggles. I see your point.
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    As a professional reviewer, they need to separate the product features and their personal perferences. For example, reviewer may say "The Treo Pro keyboard is similar to the Centro... I tried typing without any problem. BUT personally I prefer the Treo smile keyboard.
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    I read the review and did not see it as negative.... I thought it was much like the rest of the reviews I read, someones opinion of a device they had for a day to a week.

    People bash windows a bit, but it is a stable OS, but a bit boring. Windows mobile has yet to "bring the fire" as far as a mobile OS goes. Then again, winmob gets the job done. Winmob 6.1 is not a wow transition from winmob 5... more like a small step. And honestly, can ANYONE rave about winmob ie 6.1 browser? Or the way winmob handles html email (at least in the treo)?

    But different people don't like different things. I could rant longer against iphone or blackberry though. lol
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    OK so admittedly I've used treos since the 270, so maybe there is no hope for me, but after using the iPhone for 1 month, (I figured that was long enough to give it a fair go) here is my list of things that I find annoying about the iPhone. Not that it's not a sexy seductive device, but then I get the feeling most of the people who own these don't use them for business applications. They have probably never been smartphone users.

    Here goes in no particular order.
    1) rules for mail
    2) folders for mail
    3) forward a text message
    4) forward a text message as an email (you'd be surprised how useful this)
    5) distribute a calendar event as an email or text message without retyping it (doh)
    6) choose which calendars to sync (with push)
    7) add a contact from a text message
    8) view sent items in text messages (unless there is a chat initiated or you've sent 2 messages to the same person you can't do this ie: no sent messages view)
    9) To Do list from iCal will to sync to iPhone
    10) beam (wireless or otherwise) a contact or Cal event to or from another device
    11) send a contact to or from another device (text or email)
    12) Find a contact nightmare (My address book is aprox 1800 people, to find a contact at the very least I have to scroll through the whole of the contacts associated the the first letter of their last name, and thats if I'm accurate on the alphabet down the side) Surely a keyboard pop up that lets you type the first letter of the first name and then continue typing the last name would be quicker.) edit: after I typed this I realized there was a keyboard but it's so slow to pop up???
    13) keyboard Help? On my palm, if I hold a key down, I get the capital, if I tap that key twice I get the shifted character
    14) edit docs, exel etc
    15) attach files to mail
    16) wireless sync with the computer (see point 6)
    17) Mount the device and use it as storage (ie: be able to carry and share a subset of documents with other computers using the device)

    Now I know that most of you on this forum would probably feel the same way about an iPhone, the question is, I've never used a winmo device, Is the treoPro going to be an upgrade experience from the 680 that i've gone back too now?
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    I don't have a problem with Engadget's (somewhat negative) conclusion in the review as everyone is entitled to their opinion on it, it's just the review was severely lacking in detail and analysis of the device.

    As someone pointed out it felt more like a preview than a review.

    Perhaps they can be excused since they are not a dedicated "phone review" site, but just felt lacking in analysis.

    Dieter's review was just so much more comprehensive & informative, imo. Even if you disagree with his opinion on it, you at least had a great overview and thorough look at the features and setbacks.

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    From Engadget: "The display, however, is a standard 320 x 320 resistive touchscreen, and we're getting a bit tired of these cramped workspaces on the Treo line. While everyone else is working to up the resolution, pixel density, and contrast ratios of their displays, Palm seems to be asleep at the wheel."

    Except for the Bold, isn't 320x320 on a screen that size one of the most pixel dense devices out right now? I'd even go as far as to say that the treo's screen looks better than the iPhones, which is 320x480 spread out over a larger surface.
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    If you want a keyboard and a slim device, then this is the form factor that works best.

    Some people don't want keyboards, so the larger screen is possible without making the device too big.

    The sliding keyboard is a bit of a compromise, but I think they're still bigger than the Pro.
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