I have a Treo 750 WM6, using Office 2007 with XP Pro, ALL my input to OUTLOOK is through the Treo 750, I use CALENDAR to schedule appointments and visits, today I note that when I Sync using USB cable my To - Do Bar in Office 2007 OUTLOOK it doesn't update from the Treo 750 as it has in the past, it appears to work the opposite and updates the Treo 750 from OUTLOOK with "Old" info thus wiping out any new input to the Calendar on the Treo, I need it to work the opposite and update from Treo > Outlook.

I use Microsoft's auto update for my computer and wonder if MS has produced an update that is the cause of the problem.

CALENDAR is showing up in the list on my Treo 750 when using Active Sync.

I have un-installed and re-installed Active Sync to see if it righted itself but no go, problem is still there.

Any help is appreciated.