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    Conserving battery power and making the most of your Windows Mobile smartphone's battery life

    Perhaps it will help some who want to get a longer run before needing to charge.
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    Thanks for posting this Darnell, I really enjoyed it and got a few tips from it. Specifically, the Navigation tip. Many times I just close Sprint Nav but I didn't realize that it still searches for info. I now know to exit it completely when done; good stuff!
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    Yeah, Sprint Navigation is the worst battery drainage offender. That one should be first on the list.
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    I wish all applications had an "exit" option, because too many don't.

    I was using the "Magic Button" application for a while to close things, but it started causing me some conflicts and I had to dump it. Now I just shut things down that don't have an "exit" menu option via Task Manager.

    I just shut down voice command because I don't use it. I'm not even sure why I left it on after activating it and deciding I didn't like it . But the guide was a good reminder to turn it off.

    Palm promises to add any new battery saving finds to that page, if they come up with any.

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