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    I think socomon is corrrect. Seven servers are a go between, but don't house data. As for this being "against the rules", that really depends on the company, the policy and the employee. You should always make sure you get a blessing from your boss and IT before running software like Seven. Considering there is $0 IT cost and no BB service fees (for the company), I think most with a common sense approach would not have an issue.
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    I work in IT but am not involved with mobile devices at work. Our/their approach has always been that you can sync a WinMo device via EAS but that you don't get support if you have any problems. But of course they love paying the BB licensing fees and supporting those buggy phones.
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    As for your IT department....that's just plain silly since Exchange *NATIVELY* supports WM devices. There's exactly zero extra cost (other than the man hours to set it up and maintain it).

    Their excuse is a cop out unfortunately that all too many companies use.

    They just got rid of exchange, so now it's only blackberry or blackberry connect. Oh well. Thanks for the info.
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    I would like to do this as well.. We are using Microsoft Outlook for our email through the exchange server. We also can get our email via the web using the web outlook version.. I've tried to set it up on my phone with different settings etc and it gets close, but never quite works.. any help?
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