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    If you press or tap a few times the calender or mail buttons well the keyguard is on it will launch those apps. Even the start button will show the start menu.

    I started to get suspicious when the calender and the mail app were active when I would remove the keyguard. So the keys are likely getting press well in my case or pocket.
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    I wondered about that. I would often take my phone out of my pocket and find applications open. I turned on keyguard and it helped, but it still happens sometimes.
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    This happened to me on my 700wx and my Mogul and they used two different types of locks. I'm starting to think this is a flaw in how Windows Mobile handles events / messages.
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    Yes, this is very annoying. And the keyguard can be turned off by pressing the center 5way button twice - you do not have to hit the red power button and then the center button to disable it. So even with the keyguard on, I have placed several calls (to those I have speed-dial icons on my today screen for) while walking to the parking lot or driving. Ugh.
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    I just accidently placed a call to the phone number: 7,


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