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    Have any body used it

    Emoze is the realization of the mobile office vision, Free and accessible for all mobile users around the world.
    Free Flexible Secure

    With emoze

    * Receive your emails and Outlook data anywhere, anytime
    * Handle your schedule and meetings via your mobile device
    * Enjoy synchronized Personal Information Management (PIM)
    * Access information about your Contacts, anywhere, anytime

    With emoze

    * Data is pushed automatically to your mobile handset or PDA with no need to connect to a service or click send\receive
    * Military-grade secure, encrypted transmissions behind your firewall

    How to setup gmail
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    It IS free, but if I remember correctly, you need to run Emoze on your PC. Once your PC downloads your email, via Outlook, Emoze sends it out to their servers, which the Emoze PPC client then sees. The client then dowloads to your device. Too many points of failure (Pc needs to run with outlook, Emoze servers need to run, etc.).
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    not good..... who else have push ... they look like you need a pc connector too
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    mail2web is a much better option for free exchange email/contacts/calendar sync. You can make changes either on the phone and/or on their site (web outlook interface) and they sync up.

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    Both eMoze and Seven are good (free) push email clients. I have tried both to replace GoodLink email services. I used them to pull my email from a webmail server because our company refuses to enable proper exchange settings. OWA works as well as GoodLink and Blackberry services, and it is free if you have access to your corporate email through a webmail server. Seven looks more professional on your phone.
    When receiving a call there is a delay of 5-7 seconds before you can answer the call because Seven and emoze have to disconnect.
    I wish there was a way to get around this delay.
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    BTW, There is no need to have emoze or Seven running on your computer if you are trying to access your email from a webmail server.

    Any changes you make on your webmail server, in outlook, or you phone will sync.
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    To discuss TxGoatHead Thread where he stated,"When receiving a call there is a delay of 5-7 seconds before you can answer the call because Seven and emoze have to disconnect."
    For some reason this is only if you have previously installed and used emoze. If you were to do a hard reset and then install seven beta....there is no 5-7 sec delay when answering the phone.
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    Thank you gruppe, I had done a hard reset, but I restored a previous back-up. It sounds like I just need to start from fresh!

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