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    Documents to Go is now available for WM Professional - the link is As always, back the device up before play time.
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    Downloaded, installed and purchased. The installation was typical, a CAB file that I installed to the card. It is different in operation than Excel in a number of ways.

    I use Excel for extended periods of time and I have been annoyed with the PPC release because of one big complaint - the num locks does not stay enabled from cell to cell. The DTG release takes care of that problem.

    The Excel release allows you to specify a specific zoom level - DTG does not - you get their pick.

    Moving around the file list - no longer do you have to do the "more" thing - just a straight old list.

    Loads a bit faster. you still have to use the stylus...Oh, well. At least the num locks problem is fixed with DTG.

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