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    This is my first WM device (or smartphone for that matter), and I have yet to do a hard reset. I've been using Sprite to backup on a regular basis, and I want to install RealVGA, which from all accounts runs better installing fresh from a hard reset.

    Anyway, my question is this. If I hard reset, install RealVGA, and then restore backup from Sprite, how much will be restored? Does it restore everything, including files, programs, settings, today screen, etc.? Or does it just restore certain things or not restore certain things? What about an exchange email with password and everything? Just curious as the phone is set up very well for my needs right now. If someone could just give me a quick synopsis, that would be appreciated.
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    The quick answer: it does what you tell it to do.

    Take a look at the options on the phone itself. Open Sprite Backup, then click Backup. Take note of what is checked. I believe all of the options are by default. Those are My Documents, Email, Personal Databases, and System Data.

    Under System Data it includes File System and System Settings. If those are both checked, it will restore EVERYTHING on the device. File System selects all data folders on the device and saves them. System Settings saves a copy of the registry which is where all settings are held.

    So, if you do a backup and all options are checked then you later do a restore with all options checked, everything should be restored to the current state, that includes any installed software, etc.

    The only thing that I cannot answer for you is whether or not the restore will blow away the changes/edits that the RealVGA install makes. It may so you might need to just try it and see unless someone else knows...

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