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    Help, I must losing my vision...

    All I want to do is assign OneNote Mobile to one of my hardware keys. I navigate to Start-->Settings-->Personal-->Buttons. I pick the button I want to use and hit the drop-down, and..... nothing. OneNote Mobile is not in the list.

    Other ROM apps and installed apps are on the list, but not OneNote Mobile. Am I just being stupid? Would someone else check their machine?

    Any suggestions? Can I just manually add OneNoteMobile.exe into a registry key somewhere?

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    Mine's not there. I wanted it to be, but no.
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    you need to copy the onenote icon into the programs folder on your phone. File explorer-windows-go all the way down to the onenote icon-copy it.

    There are a few different program file folders on your phone and I dont remember which one I copied it to. Just trial and error.
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    brothermike, thank you!

    That fixed it. The OneNote Mobile icon was in /Windows/Start Menu/Office Mobile. I copied the OneNote Mobile icon to /Windows/Start Menu/Programs. OneNote then showed up in the applications to assign.

    I did not even think of doing that because Word, Excel and Powerpoint all appeared in the list of applications to assign and their shortcuts are only in the Office Mobile directory. Guess I need to think outside the box on Windows Mobile...

    Thanks again!

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