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    need help i have this BB 8830,and just pick up the 700wx as well. my wife will kill me if she finds out. so ineed your help which phone should i keep. what makes the treo so much better then the BB. can you help decide which to with.
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    If you use your device a lot for email, then go with the 700WX. BB uses a 3rd party server for it's email. That means that the email leaves it's originating server, goes thru BB's email server and arrives at it's destination. This past year BB suffered 3 failures, at least one was world wide, of it's email server. WM devices do not use this technology. Also, WM will allow you to multi task, in other words you can have several apps running simultaneously without affecting device performance. BB does not allow this. Finally, there are all kinds of 3rd party apps and tweaks out there for the WM platform that make using it easier, more fun, efficient, etc. I was a BB user for close to three years, switched to WM (700WX) about a year ago and haven't looked back.
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