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    If the stories out there are true, ie... "BlackBerry Bold Exhibits Same Network Symptoms As iPhone 3G" maybe Palm should reconsider releasing the 850 Pro on the CDMA platform instead of the GSM platform... I know I'd be happy :-)
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    Look, it's already a foregone conclusion that the culprit is AT&T's crap 3G network.
    I have never been more glad to be on Sprint and CDMA in general.
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    I'd be a happy camper with an iphone on sprint.
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    My 750 works fine on ATT's 3G network. It seems to keep getting better. I do have the occasional dropped call but nowhere near what seems to be happening with the iphone.

    I also use a Motorola RAZR 3G phone on the same network and it never drops calls so I would say that the culprit is not ATT but more likely the device. I wouldn't be surprised if all the other things "going on" in a smartphone complicate matters when the phone needs to switch between 3G and GSM.
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    i think there is a high chance that these problems have a huge thing to do with network. here in manila I keep the device to gsm only when I am not surfing so that I get stable signal [no drop calls] and switch to 3G when i need to surf. I am on smart ph.

    does the bold or iphone have a manual setting to set the device to 2G or 3G only?
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