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    What do you all think? Which one would prevail? Alot depends, I suppose, on whether the NUVIfone can sync calendar, and contact wirelessly with MS Exchange, and if the navigation software speaks street names. The Garmin Mobile XT that runs on the Treo Pro does not speak street names, but does have Garmin Online and is pretty neat. Mobile XT runs a bit slow on my Nokia N95, making it easy to outdrive the directions on twisty back roads at night. I wonder if it will run faster on the Treo Pro? It looks like both phones will cost about the same price, around $550.
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    I guess if you were just interested in GPS then the Garmin might come out on top. For me the two can't be legitimately compared given the differing form-factors. Treo Pro for me all the way.

    I think an even better comparison would be the iPaq 910 vs. the Treo Pro. Now that I would like to see.
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    Without a comparison, i'd take the Treo Pro and slap TomTom on that baby.
    We all know that the Nuvifone isn't going to be cheap, and at the end of the day, all you have is a GPS device with a built-in phone and what else???
    To be fair though, 'tis not a fair comparison between the two.

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    Its an unfair comparison in part because the nuvifone is an unknown right now. All of it's capabilities beyond GPS are up in the air.

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