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    Hi, is there a way to have my 800W ring as it should with my blue tooth enabled. I keep getting 1 single ring with sound enabled and my blue tooth headset (Jawbone) turned on. I usually dont wear my blue tooth headset all the time while no on a call, so if I have my phone near my at home and my blue tooth headset is on standby, can I get my phone to ring normally just as if my headset was turned off?



    P.S. It sounds normal with the corresponding ringer when the headset is turned off
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    I'm not sure if I understand, but it sounds like you want your phone to ring as normal, even wihen your BT headset is connected. If you do not want the ring to go through the headset, for those times when you are not wearing it, why not either turn off the BT headset or turn it off on the 800w. Once you turn BT off on the 800w, you can turn it back on. Your headset shouldn't pair back, unless you inititiate the pairing from the Jawbone.
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    Ya, if I get a call, I guess I can just turn on the jawbone real quick and connect that way. With my old phone, the sound would be the same with the headset on standbye and the sound enabled on the phone instead of vibrate.


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    I get a ring or 2 on the device and then it hits the headset.

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