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    What do I have to do so that my internet does not start automatically? It's killing my battery overnight (I'm assuming). I charge my phone before I go to bed. When I wake up it's under 50% battery life. What can I do?
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    You could turn off your phone at night. What apps do you have that automatically connect to the net? You could disable their functions to do whatever they're doing without checking with you first.
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    none that i know of. i have my email but i have set the schedule to manuel...yet it still updates my email.
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    If the email is set to manual, it shouldn't be updating on its own overnight. Unless you're a first responder or in an on call position, I'd give some serious thought to simply turning it off at night.
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    My phone is never off and to my knowledge, nothing updates at night on its own. Are you in a weak signal area? Also, why not let it stay on the charger the entire nigiht? Mine hits the charger from around 9P to 6A.

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