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    Has anyone else had this problem. If I do a soft reset, when the phone boots back up the time is way off. It may be 3:00 in the afternoon, but the time will show 12 noon or 6PM. That will cause my alarm that sounds every day at 6PM to sound then cause the phone thinks it 6PM. Or, a calendar appointment for yesterday will sound cause the phone thinks it's yesterday.

    Then, once the phone gets a cell tower signal the time and date are set properly and, after I dismiss all the old alarms, everything works properly.

    This is driving me absolutely nuts. I've tried a hard reset. But, it still does it. I don't know if it's software related or not cause after a hard reset I immediately install all my necessary programs without giving time to see if this problem happens or not.

    FWIW I have these proggies installed.

    TA Beta 13
    Today Agenda
    Treo Keylight Proggy
    codyppc performance booster
    Google Maps
    YahooGo 3.0
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    I will third and fourth that, though not all the time. A bit about this. My device has executed a soft reset on its own one time. I have done a few hard resets after playing and after a restore, it is very common for an "old" alarm to sound way, way after the time it should sound - say it is set for 5:58 a.m. - the real time is 4p and it sounds at 4P. What a pain.
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    Is your phone set to the correct time zone? Or maybe a tower, in your route, has the incorrect clock settings?
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    Yep, set to Hawaii Paradise time. This has been since day one and the alarms are the only real inconsistency with the device that I suffer with.
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    Apparently this might be a problem with Windows Mobile since a lot of other programs and devices have trouble keeping alarms/notifications straight:
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    I'm aware of the alarm bug. This is not my first WM phone. My 6700 didn't do this, my 700wx didn't do this, nor did my first 800w.

    I just wanted to give opportunity for someone to say "Yeah, mine did that until I changed such and such setting" but since that's not happening I think I'm gonna just take it back to Sprint and get it replaced.
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    I have used all of them to no avail. I normally use MemMaid to clean the device up and then manually start Fizz Alarm and enable the alarm (the larm shuts down as a result of MemMaid) and normally life is good. Last night was not good. PmCleaner did nothing. I did though install "Alarm Fix" which requires a reset. That has been done, the device reset, a non-existent Fizz Alarm runs, then Spb Backup starts up.

    What a bug!

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