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    Does anyone know of a program like call filter for the 800w phone? It seems that call filter by does support wm.
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    CallFilter is abandonware and only works on the Palm OS.
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    I use PhotoContacts Pro. It's kinda like Call Filter plus Lightwav and then some.
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    I just came across this program this am. Looks like a similar program to call filter except for wm.
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    I do not see where MagiCall or Smartblock do call announcement, a strong point of CallFilter the 600. Alli, does PhotoContacts Pro support tones stored on the card?
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    It seems to be a limitation of WM (or WM programmers?) that ringtones automatically get copied to the device.
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    I believe it is both. From what I have read, WM shuts the card down after a period of inactivity and re-enabling it is the problem. The next question - does storing the files in main memory affect storage or application usage? If it affects application usage then I will go no further with it; if it affects only storage then I will look further.

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    What do you mean by affecting application use?
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    There is storage space on the device for storage (85.14mb free right now) and programs (i have 35.80mb free right now). Will storing MP3's on the device use storage or programs memory? From what I see it affects storage, not programs.
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    I'll have to check that at the other end of the day when I have time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    Is there any reason to go for magicall when other low price options are available like callblock for 10 bucks? I am interested in getting an App for blocking/filtering call really soon. I need serious advice .
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