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    I have set up a pop/smtp (yahoo) account in Outlook Mobile on my 700wx, and I prefer to only pull down new emails when I select Menu > Send/Receive (even though I have unlimited data).

    However, when I sync my 700wx to the PC I noticed that Outlook Mobile will connect (through the internet, not the radio) and pull down new emails (BTW, E-mail is unchecked in the content sync settings on the PC so it is not coming from Outlook on my PC). This slows down the sync.

    I tried the 3 choices (Automatic/Work Network/The Internet) in Mobile Device Settings > Connection Settings on the PC, but in all 3 cases the 700wx still connected and downloaded the new emails.

    What I found is that if I selected Work instead of The Internet in the 700wx > Outlook Mobile > Menu > Deliver Preferences > Auto Sync tab > Connection it does not pull down emails, but still displays the Connecting message briefly in the Outlook Mobile status-bar. Also, now it says "Can not connect" when I sellect Outlook Mobile > Menu > Send/Receive so I had to switch it back to The Internet.

    Is there a way to do what I want?

    Should I be using ActiveSync 4.5 instead?

    Sprint Treo 700wx:
    Stock Windows mobile 5.0/5.1.195
    just updated to TREO700WX-1.15-SPNT
    Today Agenda 1.1
    Google Maps

    Outlook Mobile > Menu > Deliver Preferences > Auto Sync tab:
    No: Connect and check for messages every:
    Connection: The Internet/Work

    Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
    Office Outlook SP1
    Windows Mobile Device Center and Windows Mobile Device Center Driver Update

    Mobile Device Settings > Change content sync settings:
    No: E-mail, Appointments, Contacts
    Yes: for everything else

    Mobile Device Settings > Connection Settings:
    Yes: Allow USB connections
    No: Allow connections to one of the following: Bluetooth
    This computer is connected to: Automatic/Work Network/The Internet
    Yes: Allow automatic device authentication
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    I can answer part of your question.... no, don't use ActiveSync. It's designed for XP. Vista requires WMDC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekCop View Post
    ... no, don't use ActiveSync. It's designed for XP. Vista requires WMDC.
    Thanks, I did not know it was like that.
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    I usaly only do send/receive on way to work in the morning to check for new emails, and during lunch.

    But whenever I sync phone to PC, apparently Outlook mobile decides that internet connection is available and connectes and does send/receive for the configured pop account - this is slow so I do not want it to take place every time I sync.

    Has anyone else run into this and is there a way to turn this off (and it did not seem like it did this in ActiveSync)?

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