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    The new features of Treo Pro are creating buzz and interesting reads among the treo fans, but how come no one is talking abt the new feature of displaying time and missed calls as screen saver while screen is off. You can see an image of it in the flash demo of Treo Pro on palm's website. Here is the link. Click 'Voicemail' tab under "Palm Shortcuts" and its the seconds image that comes up. Personally when I upgraded from nokia to WM treo 750, it was a gripe I had, since I had to turn the screen on to look at the time. I had secretly wished there was an app to set screensaver of time display and seems like plam heard my wish. What do you guys say??
    Here is an image also:
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    It's a nice feature. I use it on my 800w. It shows missed calls, email, sms and low battery icons too.
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    yes, I really love that feature, just didn't mention it here.
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    Hurts battery life.
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    it would be ideal for uptime if that comes up on the unlock screen of the treo instead of keeping the screen on all the time or at the very least make it a setting so that we decide how it reacts.
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