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    I'm having some troubles with a lot of the keys on my 700wx being unresponsive. I'm hoping taking apart the phone and making sure all the connections are secure, and reassembling it will fix it, but just in case, are the keyboards the same for the 700p and the 700wx? They look the same, and I figure I could just swap one for the other, but I'm, not sure if the difference of OS is a big deal. Really, all I need is the keypad underneath the physical keys. I can just use the same physical keys that are already on the 700wx, since those aren't messed up.

    I know I can get a new 700wx keyboard from eBay, but most of them are in Hong Kong, so it would take forever to get here. I need it pretty fast because I have a buyer interested in this phone, and I can't sell it to him with a messed up keyboard.
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    The 700wx should be the same as the 700p.

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