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    Hey guys, i just ordered a palm treo 700w i will be using with verizon wireless.

    i wanna use the phone to the fullest, but i dont wanna be charged above my plan.

    i have a family share plan with 700 minutes, unlimited text, im, pic/vid messaging.

    what all can i do with the phone without being charged more?

    Can i use email at all ?
    Can i use the office programs and media player?
    Can i use MSN messenger? since i have unlimited text/im?

    Thanks in Advance

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    I'd return the w and get a wx from verizon, the extra memory will help a lot. Oh your going to need the verizon data plan to do the email and msn and other features you describe.
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    i would, but i bought it used off of someone.. he only used it for a month, and i got it for 120
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    I have a 700w, but my employer provides the phone and Verizon service so I'm coming from a different angle than you. Media player shouldn't cost anything if you're playing things from memory. I use a 4 gb SDHC card full of music and video, through my car stereo. Search this site for a cab file to play SDHC cards. You won't be able to play anything from itunes, but can play mp3 files copied from your computer. Search this site for another program to play Utube video files. I also play those in my vehicle through the stereo - vintage concert videos. Radio Shack has a great vent mount for under $10. The adaptor to go to stereo headphones or car connection is around $5, but don't get the one with a short little cord because its the wrong one. All you'll need is one that adapts for size of plug to stereo headphones.

    If the 700w hangs up due to lack of RAM, reboot from the button under the battery cover. I drilled a small hole in my battery cover so I don't have to fumble with the battery falling out on the road. It may just be a 700w, but it's still awesome.

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