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    I am a bit confused. I bought three of these:

    They look like they are the same model & they fit just fine in my 800.

    When I plug the battery in & leave it on the charger for 5 minutes, nothing at all happens.

    If I power it up using my battery, keep the power cord in & then put one of these spares in, the phone shuts down.

    Did I buy dead batteries? Is it possible all 3 are dead?

    It could also be an ID 10 R error too.


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    Any way you can charge them externally?
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    I have 2 different 800w's & the only way I can charge is with the phone itself. I am kind of bummed.
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    I never bought phone battery from ebay again.

    One time I bought a battery for my Moto Q and it never charged for 24 hours and still keep on charging.

    The seller refund me the money and I never sent the battery back also. I got dubbed and so did the seller.

    If you got good experience with a seller on ebay for the 800w, I would want to give it a chance.

    Whats the capacity on this battery?
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    I also bought 3 from ebay, and 3 of those 5 dollar chargers. (Don't ask why 3) All seem in good shape and working fine.
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    I will rephrase my statement, I only have the phone. The only way I can charge a battery is with my phone.

    The three batteries will not charge in my phone.
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    Which seller sells a good and reliable 800w battery on ebay and at a good price? Please let me know.
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    I've had the same problem. I bought a few of them, and even got one from the Sprint store that was completly dead. The one from the Sprint store I just put in my phone, plugged it in, and left it for over an hour before it finally booted up and started charging. The ones off ebay wouldn't do that though I left them in my phone for well over an hour. But, one of them came with an external charger. Using that I was able to leave them on charge for several hours and they finally took charge and work fine now.

    Try first leaving it in your phone for a few hours plugged in. If that doesn't work you'll need to purchase an external charger from ebay and even with that it will take quite a while to finally take the charge.

    Here's the one I bought

    You can probably get them still from that seller.

    BTW: Anyone out there have any idea why these batteries take so much effort to charge if they're completely dead? Even the one I got from a Sprint store was so dead it took a while to charge, and I know it's true OEM.
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    Those little batteries are just generally awful. The first one I got (in a Centro) was completely defective and wouldn't hold a charge at all.
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    This guy sold me three for a little over 23 bucks w/shipping and they all look/act just like the originals. And no, I'm not

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