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    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm View Post
    How can one be last years tech and another be this years tech.

    A better bumper sticker critique would be "last years design team".

    Both devices have the same technology; the opposing argument is just silly and uniformed.

    But clearly the design team (and management) took a different direction with the Treo Pro. As Dieter and I mentioned last week in the podcast, this is probably the 1st device where Rubenstein's influence can really be felt (especially in the packaging/delivery). Though I enjoy the 800w, it feels very "old Palm" whereas the Treo Pro feels more "new Palm".

    After all, who here is really advocating a 3.5mm jack or a flush screen as "2008 tech"? (and a "faster" processor is useless if it doesn't deliver a noticeable increase in performance).

    Actually, I would be more impressed if they actually did use 2008 technology e.g. proximity sensor, light sensor, accelerometer, mutual capacitive touch screen, etc.

    That would make a better argument.

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    Um, size is technology. That's how it works. Faster processor, smaller size with greatly increased battery life is an improvement. Try looking at the PDA or laptop segments some time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VaccPalm View Post
    Im not sure why people keep saying the 800w is last years tech and the Treo Pro is the upgrade etc. Other than cosmnetics ( Color , size and battery ) they have the same exact specs so if the 800W is last years tech the Treo Pro is last years tech.
    I am not sure how better battery, flush screen, 3.5 mm, faster processor and other objective improvements are "cosmetic"

    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    It seems that satisfaction was higher prior to seeing the Pro - so the recent uproar seems to be that folks aren't judging the 800 on its merits as much as being envious of the newer device.
    They'll ALWAYS be a newer device.
    90% sage advice. Especially last point. For all we know people will be drooling over just-over-the-horizon upcoming WM 7 when cdma pro comes out

    And I think the 800w is an excellent device.

    But I would bet some of the the same discussions here took place in discussions about concurrent marketing of the two devices were held within Palm's marketing teams and among the buying teams at the providers. So I think "envious" is a bit much.
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    OK, here's what I think is an interesting question –

    Form factor and aesthetics aside, seems like the main things the 850 is missing that the 800 has is 1) slightly slower response, 2) slightly worse keyboard, 3) softkeys.

    On the other hand, seems like the 800 is missing these 850 features 1) better battery, 2) 3.5 audio jack.

    So question is, if the “missing” 800 features listed above were added to the 850, and vice-versa, which device would you prefer? It’s really too bad that this imaginary scenario is not real, because then I think you would have 2 near perfect devices (I am assuming the sound quality, GPS, etc. issues can and will be worked out). I think personally for me if the 800 just had a 3.5mm jack, that’s the one I would go with even without the better battery….really too bad they left the jack off (no pun intended).

    My dilemma is I am on a 650 with Verizon, so still not sure if the 800 will even be supported. So I am waiting to see if it will be and also whether there will be an 850 CDMA model (first one out will probably win with me, I can’t wait much longer to switch out my 650 dinosaur). Otherwise I will likely jump ship to an 850 GSM on AT&T.

    Final thought – I would have thought the tweaks palm made to WM to get it to run faster on the 800 would have also been done on the 850, and if this is not currently the case then this is something that might be done between the announcement (with the beta products reviewers have in hand) and the actual final product release….or is this just wishful thinking?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aero View Post
    I am not sure how better battery, flush screen, 3.5 mm, faster processor and other objective improvements are "cosmetic"
    Better battery and faster processor I would agree with. However, a flush screen and 3.5 mm jack are stylistic choices. By that, I mean that they don't represent a technological improvement.

    Folks can disagree on whether the decision to not have either item, but there are those who prefer a non-flush screen because they feel that they will be more likely to resist scratches. Given the prevalence of BT headsets, there are many (like me) who never use a headset jack.

    Having never had a Treo Pro in my hands, I couldn't tell you which I'd prefer. However, I like the idea of separating fact from opinion.
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    With the demise of the hard keys, I sure hope they allow for resizing of the bottom bar. I'm sure many of folks have grown found of products like Wisbar and removed the soft keys in preference of the hard keys.

    It will be a tough adjustment for me, probably more than the keyboard.
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