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    what kinda car do u have I see some pretty cool car user names like quickstang nd vibrantredgt or something like that

    so lets see who wud b interested in this.

    post a pix of your car, your location and any modifications you have done.

    (car pixs will upload soon)

    souther cali

    mods: blower, pulleys, mas air, throttle body, suspension, custom body wrk, and a lot of other stuff

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    i have a 2001 focus zx3.
    i dont have any pics on me at work, but.......
    it is a 2.0 zetec motor with.....
    pipercross viper intake straight out of europe. svt exhaust from header to flexpipe, then 2 1/2 magnaflow cat back exhaust, underdrive pully, roush turbo setup (18 psi) comp stage 2 cams. cfm intake manifold, steeda short throw shifter, 65mm throttlebody, vf engenering poly motor mounts esslinger adj timing gear pully's, random technologies cat, xcal2 computer tune, steel rods, forged pistons, steeda short throw shifter, and a damn good driver.
    i have put all my money and time into working on her and keeping her as a daily driver. almost looks completly stock, if i pass a cop with her in neutral he would think a soccer mom just passed him.
    i have no idea how to do body work so she has daily driver dings, dents, and scratches. needs a paint job and some body work, but i have killed everything i have lined up with at the track. z06's, cobra's, lambo's, sti's, evo's . it is a very very long and distinguished list.
    but thats my baby, lol
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    Too many mods to list.

    During it's sleeper stage, Vortech Supercharged 450+HP.


    Videos, not much throttle, don't mess around on the streets.

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    ^^^^^nice ride, good to see another ford fanatic around here, lol
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    my little ole mach1. built bottom end, ported heads, fr500 cams, fr500 intake. and all the usual bolt ons.
    having a new bottom end built on the new boss block, along with some bigger cams, and possibly a switch to the sullivan intake.
    ill post up some pics of my vette a little later

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    Mustangs are popular around photos of mine here at work but I've got a 05 V6 Coupe, Mineral Gray...not too many mods, cold air intake, dual exhaust sitting in my garage waiting to be installed. Most of the other mods are cosmetic...I'll post a photo tonight...

    Also have "access" to four other classics in my uncles estate, including a 70 Boss 302 and a 67 Fastback which I hope to get from the estate and start to restore this year! The Boss will be restored by the estate one day, but it's a beautiful car as it is, a little rust, some faded paint and torn up interior, its still worth more than all the others combined...
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    1995 BMW M3:

    Not stock :P

    Mods below. Car is about to be built for supercharger. Having our 2nd child next month so getting that done first.


    3.2L S52 OBD1 swap
    VAC Motorsports 0.080" MLS Headgasket
    ARP Head Studs
    AA Track Pipe
    AA Chip
    21.5lb Injectors
    S50 Intake Manifold
    3.5" HFM
    Bimmerworld 3.5" sillicone intake boot
    K&N 3.5" Filter
    UUC Oil Center Lid
    UUC Red Transmission Mounts
    UUC System-U Exhaust
    Jet-Hot Shorty Headers
    Rogue Engineering Octane Short Shift Kit
    Rogue Engineering Clutch
    JB Racing 10LB Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel
    Zionsville Alloy Radiator
    16" SPAL Electric Fan (2380cfm)
    Stewart EMP Waterpump
    80 Thermostat


    ASA 17x9" AR1 Wheels
    Khumo SPT 255/40/17 Tires
    10mm Rogue Spacers on Front
    Hawk HP+ Front/Rear Brake Pads
    Brembo Front/Zimmerman Rear Rotors
    Ground Control Coilovers
    Bilstein Struts
    Turner Motorsports Rear Lower Control Arms
    UUC Rear trailing arm bushings
    Carbon Fiber Front Strut Brace
    BMW Front X-Brace


    Sparco Lap 5 Steering Wheel
    NA Motorwerks Aluminum Shift Knob
    Prosport Amber/White Water Temp Gauge
    Prosport Amber/White Oil Temp Gauge
    Carbon Fiber B Pillars
    Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
    Carbon Fiber Gauge Cluster
    Carbon Fiber Gauge pods (Autometer)
    ZKW Euro Ellipsoid Headlights
    Xtec Xenon 6000k HID
    Front Clear Turn Signals
    Rear Clear Turn Signals
    DDE Plus Halos
    OE Foglight Covers
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    Hi All,

    Nice pics, but perhaps this subject is better suited for other section of forum.

    Say here:
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    2001 Chevy Prizm

    I can get it up to about 80-90 MPH in just a few minutes.
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    2006 GTO 6.0L

    cup & string
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasracer View Post
    2001 Chevy Prizm

    I can get it up to about 80-90 MPH in just a few minutes.
    lolz :P
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    94 Toyota Supra

    Precision 72mm single upgrade
    BL fuel system with 1000cc injectors
    HKS Vpro ems

    I'll post pics later, can't access photobucket at work. Theres a lot more mods but I'm too lazy to list them right now.

    Here are the pics

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    m3 convertable with a custom double din alpine w-505 unit (integrated bluetooth)

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