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    Searched this on the forum but only found solutions for the Palm OS. Is there a way to back up SMS conversations to the desktop PC for storage? Thanks in advance. for all of your tech news!
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    I haven't tested it but you should be able to backup messaging with SKTools and then transfer the backup to your desktop.
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    Do you have any idea of what format it would be in if you backed up with SKtools? for all of your tech news!
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    There should be a file called PalmMsgV001 in the Windows folder of your device. You can copy this to your desktop to save it should you ever need it. There is no way to view this file on your desktop, though.
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    freak4dell: thanks for the advice....I really wanted a way to view it as a text file on my PC. Anyone else know any other way? for all of your tech news!
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    Would you consider something like
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    Alli: I've seen that before and I completely forgot about it! It actually seems like that might be able to do the trick for me. Have you ever used it, what do you think of it? I think some people previously had some concerns with security because obviously it's stored on someone elses server. I'm not especially concerned with that though. for all of your tech news!
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    This has come up a number of times. If you use the Palm Threaded SMS it stores the texts in \Windows\PalmMsgV001 as Freak mentioned above. This file can be copied for backup, but it can't be read since Palm encrypts the contents. I don't believe that Dashwire will help you here.

    If you really want to use software that can backup your sms you might consider switching to the native windows sms support. See this thread.
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    I've used Jeyo Mobile extender for about a year now.. it has a lot of options but it syncs mine into an outlook pst. you can also text from it while your phone is cradled and incoming texts pop up as well.
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    Thanks for that, reverse. Looks like it could be worth the $19.95.
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    Strike that - doesnt'look like it works with the 800w. Pity.
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    Too bad, that seems like a pretty cool application! I love doing everything in one spot...the Hotmail connector for Outlook is a must have for me.
    I think I'm just going to give up on this one....especially if they're encrypting the text messages file (which I think is a good thing anyways). I think it the regular old windows mobile SMS program you can forward messages but I can't see how to do it with this one...probably because of the conversation feature of it. for all of your tech news!

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