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    I just got an 800w. I have configured 3 email accounts in Outlook... Gmail and 2 POP accounts.

    Outlook also has an account called Outlook email that I cannot find a way to disable/delete. I'm thinking it has to do with Exchange synching.

    Can this option/account be disabled/deleted?


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    Using the finga or the stylus, hold the finga or the stylus on or near the service to be deleted - that should get you there.
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    placing the stylus on the 'outlook email' selection and holding does nothing until you let go. It then just selects it.

    How do you get rid of the 'Outlook email' account?
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    I don't think you can delete it. It is the built in account for Exchange or Activesync sync.
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    Solution found here: had no effect on my notifications. I still receive all notifications just fine.
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    You can also delete Outlook accounts from Active Sync on the Phone.

    Without it NOT plugged into a computer (it disables the options) go to Menu > Options > Highlight Exchange then Delete.

    This is also how you can remove the account in order to sync with a new outlook account (like if you change jobs cause your old one kind of sucked and you hated working there and they treated you like crap and kicked your puppy).
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    Thanks for the direction to activesync. It would have been nice to have some mention of this in the help file, eh?

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