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    Just got off the chat session with Palm chat support. I was having problems with treo not identifying the storage card. After a hard reset, they say I have a dead card reader in my Treo 750, and are asking $199 for the repair cost. My bad luck I dont have my T750 insured and is out of warranty. The device is only 14 months old, and already has a dead card reader and the keyboard keys are getting stiff and have to be pushed in harder to be recognized. If Treo Pro did the same thing, its damn expensive device for $549 with one year life span. My little feature-less $40 nokia lasted me 4 years, and $300 treo 750 (+$199 for repair now) not even full 15 months. When I buy Treo Pro, it will be costliest phone device I would have ever bought, and I would be damn pissed off on palm's quality if this device gave in before 3 years of use. I cant resist myself from getting Treo Pro, but given what I have experienced with my Treo 750, there better be a third party insurance for this phone, else I would have to reconsider investing in a Palm device.
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    any phone can fail or be a brick.

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