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    I just got off a chat session with palm support regarding my treo not recognizing the storage card. After a soft and hard reset, the storage card is still not showing up in file explorer. So its confirmed now its hardware issue. The guy escalated support to voice support. I would probably have to send the device in for repair. I checked the repair costs on Palm's website and its $199. I would much rather wait and save that money towards Treo Pro once it comes out.
    Now I got this phone around may last year, and this problem with storage card going missing from the file explorer started to show up around the same time this year, but after a soft reset it would come back. But it was not until this month that it failed completely. Now if I had judged the possible hardware failure at that time, i could have got it covered under warranty, which I cant now. So is there a way I could save this $199 repair cost by convincing palm this problem started happening when phone was within warranty?? Or is there any other way?
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    dont u have a one year waranty
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    or insurance?
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    Since I got the treo last june, 1 yr warranty is up and insurance is what I thought is a good thing to have, but I didnt get any. Since I am getting Treo Pro once its out, I am looking for a insurances available for that. Can someone also please share what kind of insurance is available that could cover repair/replacement of the device..
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    did you try another SD card to see if its the card and not the Treo?
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    Also, if you are using a micro SD to a mini adapter, perhaps the adapter could be faulty?
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    Well, I have a miniSD card that I had been using for past one year, and it was the first card that I started to have problems with. So my first impression was also that the card has gone rogue, so I ordered a new card - this time a 8GB microsdhc. I cant tell you how excited I was to have almost unlimited storage space for my purposes, and couldnt wait to try it. So the day it arrived, and I put it in - it worked and was working like no problems. But then I reformatted the card in vista, and its when it doomed. After that, when i reinserted the card in treo, it said the card was not formatted, format it now. I would click Yes, and it would say after only 5 seconds - the card is formatted. But it wouldnt appear in file explorer still. It kept doing it no matter what. The next day, it stopped doing even this and then onwards no card works in the reader - neither miniSD nor microSD. I tried three different cards - miniSD, microSD and microSDHC - none of them worked, even after a hard reset. This can onlu mean the card reader is gone. But problem now is that the initial problems with the reader started 4 months ago. At that time, phone was in warranty, but I didnt see it coming then. Now I would need to pay full repair cost. If only there be a way to avoid it....?!..
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