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    So now that more people are able to try out Skyfire, how is your Flash video performance?

    For me, it is viewable but pretty choppy and will even skip frames. For reference, I am streaming the Olympics videos that are linked from the Skyfire homepage.

    I am thinking it's because Skyfire is still in beta. I normally can play local videos fine (not super smooth all the time but better than what I'm getting streaming Flash) on the 800w but would like to hear other people's experiences. Thanks.
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    Youtube streams perfectly for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robber View Post
    Youtube streams perfectly for me.
    Well, hate that description, "perfect," but it was streaming better for me just now. Previously, I was streaming it while riding a bus - might not have had the smoothest connection to the Sprint network.

    While my latest attempt is much improved, I wouldn't classify it as perfect, though.

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    Not perfect BUT I am greatfull that skyfire did this and im liking it so far. some glitches yes, but Im enjoying it very much.

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