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    Does anyone have the "Windows" key mapped so that it opens the WisBar start menu?

    I know there's an option in the settings of WisBar that says "Hardware keyboard maps to start button" but checked or uncheck, it still only brings up the WM start menu. I've done soft resets, waiting X minutes before resets so that it writes itself to the reg. but nothing... Only way for me to pull up the WisBar start menu is to click the Windows logo, which completely kills one-handed operation.

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    I figured it out using another program, but if anyone knows how to do it WITHOUT a 3rd party app, please let me know.

    I'll post how here in case anyone in the future needs it:

    - I used AE Button Plus
    - Select the Start button from the choices
    - Click the huge square underneath that says "Do not touch button"
    - select option 3 from the 1st drop-down: Handle by AEBPlus
    - select 1. Single Press from the 2nd drop-down
    - select 2. Run application from the 3rd drop-down
    - click the "..." button in the 4th box
    - select [Casc Start Menu]
    - click "OK"
    - now back on the main screen, click "File" > "Save and Exit"

    No need for soft reset.
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    Start > Settings > Personal > Buttons
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    Quote Originally Posted by superman26 View Post
    Start > Settings > Personal > Buttons
    Awesome, thank you very much! I learned somethin' new! I've been w/ POS for years and this is my first time using WM so it'll take some time getting used to!
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    That is what I was doing with WisBar; however, I am now using QuickMenu and recently deleted WisBar.

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