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    Thinking of upgrading to the pro from a treo 680. Since pro is windows, would all my phone numbers ect. from "palm" contacts have to be retyped or is there a way to transfer them? What about pictures? Also wondering if mini sd card is interchangable with Sd card. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The easiest way to change from Palm to Windows would be to sync with Outlook.
    Reload your Installation CD from Palm 680, and change HotSync to Outlook.
    Then when you have the WM Phone, just sync to the Outlook profile.
    For pictures, the easiest would be to use a card reader & copy to your PC.
    I think Treo Pro use microSD, so you should buy a new card. Make sure it has the adapter for standard SD size to use on your card reader.
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    The Pro definitely uses microSD (like almost everything else now). A micro-to-SD adapter will work in a 680.

    You could also try selecting all of them and sending them by IR or Bluetooth. Since mine are all on my 8 GB SDHC card, it's either that or copy tons of files to my 680's internal memory.

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