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    This may be a a silly question, but my iPhone allows me to switch between wireless networks on AT&T (3G and EDGE). Does the Treo Pro also allow usrs to switch wireless networks?
    Pretty much all 3G Windows Mobiles allow you to lock it to 3G, lock it to GSM, or auto switch between the two. Unlike iPhone which only allows you to lock it to GSM (or auto.) They also let you lock it to specific frequency bands.
    I as well assume Treo Pro will allow you to do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treopq View Post
    thanks, man! you are so smart!

    I will be very dumb as you mentioned! I'm just curious, in case I lost my iphone within the 2 years, I guess AT&T should allow me to use whatever phone to finish the 2 years, otherwise they cannot force me to buy a new iphone, do they!
    I guess you mean when your contract ends, what will happen?
    When your contract finishes, you continue on your service as a month to month person with no contract. In other words nothing changes.
    They won't force you to upgrade. I know people that have used the same phone for 4+ years without upgrading and renewing the contract.

    Of course they try to lure you in with a phone discount with a contract renewal. If you do that, then your phone will change with AT&T and they'll require you to go with whatever data plan goes with that phone.

    The way to work the system, though is to go buy a cheap generic flip phone off of say ebay (can be used, can even be broken.) You simply call AT&T and say you're changing phones to that one. They'll ask for the model number and IMEI number off the back. They put it in their system and that becomes your phone on record. You can now get the cheap media net data. You could even upgrade through AT&T to a PDA, then a few days later call and "switch to the flip phone" and get back on the media net plan.

    It's disingenuous and cheating. But it can be done.
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    I switch SIM cards between my iPhone and my iPAQ 6945. I use my iPAQ overseas and my iPhone in the States. I'll be buying a Treo Pro as soon as Palm launches the unlocked/unbranded Pro, so I can carry one phone everywhere and avoid carrying my Palm TX as well. The Pro looks like it should do most of my communications when coupled with my Palm keyboard. I hope so anyway.

    I'll be switching to a non-iPhone data plan as soon as I get my Treo Pro (Tepee?).
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