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    I am having an issue with Active Sync and Outlook. When I am using my Treo 800W and make changes on it to the calendar, contacts etc, then go home and connect to my PC and sync, the changes on the device are overridden by the info on my PC. All changes I make on my device are deleted. I am a 10year Palm OS user and recent convert to Windows Mobile, my desktop is Windows XP. With Palm you are able to select in the "Hot Sync" app how you want to sync (desktop override device, device override desktop or sync). If you select "sync", the latest entry, either on your desktop or device is the one that will be used. I can not figure how to do this on Active Sync. I hope someone can explain how to. It is very frustrating losing all those changes I make during the day. Thanks in advance.
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    Same issue here!
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    Open ActiveSync, select Tools/Options/Settings. This should only be an issue if you've changed an item on both the PC and Treo, but for future reference, the option is there...

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