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    so im using this:

    and im trying to do these:

    problem is when i go to my registry editor the only beginning entries i see are hkey_ ones. I'm not planning on doing much. Just do those tweaks, get the regular windows threaded text, put tom tom, a media player that i can listen to internet radio, possibly a couple of different browsers, and some other minor things. I love this phone.
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    hmm... that would be it? i take it this should help a lot if i ever need to hard reset?
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    Before you play with the registry, make a backup so you can have a recovery point in case it does not work and a hard rest is need to recover.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    ok how should i do that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryyando View Post
    ok how should i do that?
    2 Ways...

    If you use, something like Resco Explorer, you have an option to Export your registry key. If you totally mess up a registry key, you can also use it to Import the keys/values again.

    Otherwise, use Sprite Backup, which is pre-installed with the OS, what we call a ROM app). Sprite Backup will allow you to restore your device complete, in case you totally mess you the device.
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    so the sprite backups are registry backups? I already have sprite installed and i use it already. Could you guys link me to another registry editor incase i want to try something that ebag's thing doesnt have, or tell me how to find those keys i can't seem to find with the registry editor i already use?
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    Can someone tell me where the hkey entries are anyway?
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    help still? ebag's thing so far as i can tell didn't do anything i wanted it to.
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    Not 100% sure what you are looking for, but I made all my registry edits with this...remember to backup....HTH
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    well using the registry editor that i linked and resco i couldnt find the hkey entries. maybe i just don't know where to look but i expect that they should be in the root tree but all i get from there don't seem to be hkey___

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