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    Seidio is showing a 2600mah battery in development for the 800w on their website. Anyone ever gotten one of these extended batteries with the required battery cover? I've never tried one, and was wondering what kind of bulk it adds and how it affects appearance and usability?

    Also, will Seidio make an innocase cover for the new device when a different sized battery cover is used?

    I'm sure this will be a hot ticket item as the battery life seems to be the biggest gripe with most folks.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this product (the new battery)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmopilot View Post
    Anyone have any thoughts on this product (the new battery)?
    I'd rather get a different phone than needing that battery.

    I have no intention of buying. But I suppose for some it's an option.

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    me too.... until it is the same size
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    ouch, yeah, i think i'd stick to toting my extra battery or two or three around until it gets smaller.
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    The Treo 800w Humpback edition
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    Not an option until it's the same size for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by slopokdave View Post
    The Treo 800w Humpback edition
    The "HumpBack of Palm"..sounds like a movie in the making

    I agree w/Mal, why bother w/ext batt, when u can get same size batt from Sprint Store by just asking. Swapping out battery will also get the task of Soft Reset done and usually the stores just give the battery away.

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    That's what I thought, but wanted to see what others thought about it's looks. It's hard to visualize unless you've seen one before. I mean, I though the 800w was going to be bigger until I actually put my hands on it. A lot smaller than I originally guessed. This is why I was wondering how much "true" bulk the back cover would provide. Seidio's website says 4 to 5 mm. However, hard to tell how it will make the phone look.

    I also noticed that the "spare" battery on Seidio's website is not listed under 800w. Any reason for this?

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    it's actually not that bad and it usually feels nice in the hand (not so much in the pocket though)

    But for my usage it's totally unnecessary and not worth the money or the slightly larger size

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    I bought the 3200 battery for my 755p (now my 800w ).

    yes, it makes it thicker, but i actually liked the new shape, thought it fit my hand better.

    also, even though the battery was 2x the capacity, it lasted 3x longer (or more!).

    I have the 2600 battery on my seidio wishlist, signed up for email notification and plan to buy one as soon as they are available!
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    I think it may be a good option when you don't want to lug around your car charger...... ie playing music or using gps heavily.
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    It's perfect for long business trips and roadtrips... I'm definitely in for one.
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    This description say 4-5mm thicker:

    Millimeters???!!! That cannot be right... can it? Okay just played around with a ruler... maybe it can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by insol View Post
    This description say 4-5mm thicker:

    Millimeters???!!! That cannot be right... can it? Okay just played around with a ruler... maybe it can.
    how about using the same cover and adding about 300-500 maH?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyruz Reaper View Post
    how about using the same cover and adding about 300-500 maH?
    Then people would complain it does not offer enough "benefit" for the cost. Or they will say you might as well go to sprint and pickup a spare battery for free (even at 2600, a free battery sounds appealing than spending over $50 for a bigger battery).

    It will always be something...
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    Double the size of my 800w. I just keep all my AC cords and car charger ready.
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    I'm buying one.
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    Have learned to carry one or two spares with all my phones.

    However in my 800w the battery cover is a real pain to remove, anyone else with same issue.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    What's this talk of a free battery at Sprint stores. What, do you just walk in and say, "I need a spare battery for my phone?" Also, if I do go that route, I hate using the phone to charge 2 batteries. What other options are there? Additionally, where do you all carry the spare battery (pocket, wallet, car, etc.?)?


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    I have the extended battery/cover on one of my Centros and find it more comfy to hold and easier to remove than the standard cover. As far as battery life, no comparison. When it comes out I will purchase one and then probably have to change the case I am using.
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