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    I'm leaving town this weekend and would like to get a case for my phone without paying the ridiculously high cost of 2-day delivery for the cases I've seen online..

    Does anyone know if Sprint or any other place has cases for the 800w? Thought I'd ask here before driving to a store..

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    yes? no?
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    Check Sprint store They have a case for the 800 for about $25. It looks great! and has a clip with it.
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    Go to Walmart, they have generic cases or even cases made for other devices, but seem to fit the 800w well. I was going to buy one of these cases before I bought the Seidio spring clip holster, but I didn't like the material or design, so I held off from buying them.
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    The one at the sprint store is a Leather Holster.

    "This form fitted holster with locking swivel belt clip allows you to carry your palm Treo 800w handset securely. Black Leather."

    The great thing about it is that you don't need to take it out of the holster to use your phone.
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    I found a case for an HTC at Best Buy that fits nicely and is a style I liked. I also got the Seidio holster which I use most of the time, but I also like having a case, especially when travelling and I need to toss the device into my briefcase.
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    Check out eBay
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    Quote Originally Posted by nojok3 View Post
    Check out eBay
    But the OP needs it by the weekend, which is why he/she is looking for a case locally, so he/she doesn't have to pay the huge cost for 1/2 day delivery.
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    i think i'll go with the walmart one since i only need it for this coming weekend.. thanks
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    Today at Office Depot I happened upon a real nice Case Logic case that holds Treo 800w sideways nicely. Magnetic flap and stable clip rather than belt loop. Was only $19.95. They also had 2gb microSD cards for $12.

    Walmart has a small off name brand case for portable hard drive that works perfectly to carry all 800w accessories...sync cable, ac charger, car charger, headset, bluetooth for only $8. Its black & green with handle and zipper.

    At Radio Shack I found a great charger too by iGo. They have a pkg for about $40 that includes ac charger, car charger & split attachment. They you just buy the tips for whatever you want to charge...micro USB for phone, centro tip for Palm extra battery charger, tip for bluetooth headset. And the split attachment lets you charge 2 items at once either in car or at home. Now I only need one charger for car & one for home that charges just about anything...including digital camera. Previously I had an inverter in my car and carried a bunch of ac chargers which was cumbersome.

    Another good accessory website is and prices are pretty good. Also check out

    Love my 800w!
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    You won't find any quality custom cases in stores me, i tried. If you need something temporarily, a silicon case made for a centro will fit the 800w pretty well (since there is a little bit of stretch). The dimensions of the 2 devices are only off by a hair. The only problem I had with the Centro case was the SD card slot didn't match up to the cutout..but it wasn't a really big deal. I picked one up at a mall Kiosk for $10 until I got my custom one online. Centro accessories are pretty plentiful.

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