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    I have run into nothing but aggravation with Active Sync.
    I am trying to move from my 700P to the 800W and cannot seem to get a stable syncing solution.

    First, I wanted to have my Office PC and my Home PC (both Windows XP) syncing together with the Treo, just like the 700P did, which was basically, all the time, without hassle.

    It seems that this does not work. I have read, posted and explored this forum for a solution, but there does not seem to be a reliable way to get 2 PCs syncing with the Treo800W.

    I was ready to accept this drawback, rearrange how I worked with my data (isn't technology supposed to serve us !?!) and only sync on one machine, the PC at work.

    Today, I ran into a new hassle. My work PC, named, for Active Syncing purposes WORKPC, did not "come up" when I tried to sync. Instead, Active Sync asked me to create a new partnership, which I did, say it was called OFFICEPC. Now on this PC I had two profiles, and after spending over an hour in each of two separate tries (rebooting both the PC and the Treo in-between) Active sync just kept telling me it was processing, but doing nothing - going nowhere!

    I do have many contacts (>4500) and thousands of calendar entries, (I do not want to erase or archive my old data, if I can avoid doing so), but I just can't believe that I can't even sync on one machine without hassles!

    My question is this: Does anyone know how to erase a PC from a partnership, that is, delete the first named WORKPC? Active sync gave me no way to do so. It just said I already am syncing with WORKPC, do you want to sync with another PC?

    Or must I completely uninstall active sync on the work PC, and then reinstall? And if this is the way to go, do I need to do anything on the Treo800?

    Finally, is there an alternative sync program available for the TREO800w. I believe that active sync still has to be resident, but is it enough to allow active sync to make the connection (like it does when exploring the Treo800W), and have a more robust program handle the syncing - maybe even allow for syncing with two PCs?

    Thanks for any help!
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    If you're going Windows Mobile, I have to say (IMHO where H=humble) the only solution is hosted Exchange. Truly wonderful; I've been using it for a couple of years now and I can't remember or imagine how I got along without it.

    I would guess that 4500+ contacts might stretch the limits of almost anything, but that's just because I don't have a tenth of that (do you know the first and last names of every one of those people?!). Maybe someone else who is in sales, etc. that uses exchange can pipe in with more details.

    Try it out - most providers are only $10 a month and some have a free trial. Plus you generally get Outlook 2007 if you don't have it already.

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