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    I am travelling overseas and can make use out of skype since hotel has wifi. did anyone get skype to work on 800w? if not, any alternative to this kind of service?
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    Yes, but you could have just searched and found the answer yourself...

    Skype v2.2.0.45 now out
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    yes it does work over both wifi and 3g. only caveat I will give is that it KILLS you battery when online.
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    It work for me, but I only use the CHAT part.

    Anyone got the voice part to work?

    It does kill the battery!
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    It doesnt for me. i downloaded the cab from their website and installed it. when i try to run the prog it gives me err saying "couldnt find all the necessary files to start skype. please try to install skype again skype will now quit". I even wiped my phone and installed it and get same msg.
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    Really? Maybe try factory reset.
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    yes I have done voice chats over 3g. make sure in connection setting you have 3g and wifi enabled. I have found that even over EVDO Rev A the quality is still a bit choppy especially at peak traffic times.
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    I used it on wifi overseas a couple of weeks ago. could not get it to go though handset normally only on speakerphone, but external BT worked fine

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